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How to make custom shield meshes for shields on back.


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NiStringExtraData "SHIELD" needs to be renamed to "ShieldBack"

NiTriShape ===> Translation Vector 3 X,Y, and Z coordinates can be modified to your liking in order to fit better on your character.

Then save the new mesh as the EXACT SAME NAME as it was before, but with OnBack at the end, so for example....
shield.nif will now become shieldOnBack.nif

Once everything is saved properly, place your new shield on back mesh to the EXACT SAME LOCATION as the original mod the shield originated from, so for example....

If shield.nif was located at SkyrimInstallLocation/Data/meshes/MOD/shield.nif, then place the new mesh at SkyrimInstallLocation/Data/meshes/MOD/shieldOnBack.nif

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