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Skyrim SE: Silver Perk Enhanced SE -by Crimson


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This is a mod I made that enhances the way silver damage is calculated as well as added damage to vampires. I also added the silver perk to the DawnBreaker because it makes sense to me.

For a detailed view of what changes I made, refer to the pictures above. In simple terms, the silver and dawnbreaker swords do much more damage to undead, ghosts, werewolves, and vampires. And the damage boost should remain relevant as your character levels up.

Version 1.1

I found out that v1 is WAY too overpowered at higher levels, so I dumbed it down quite a bit and tweaked Dawnbreaker a little more and added Sun Damage. Now things should be balanced the way I had intended, a bit O.P., but balanced.

Download from Nexus Mods

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