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Skyrim SE: Crown of Aetherius -by Crimson


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I was always dissatisfied with the Aetherial Crown. I mean, it looked great, but lacked something. Sooooo, I made the Crown of Aetherius. This nifty crown will give you an 80% reduction in magicka cost as well as let you have 2 standing stones.

*Note: There is a glitch where if you keep changing the crown from light/heavy/jewelry at the Skyforge, you level up your smithing perk indefinitely, as in you can keep changing the crown out and level up until you max out. I haven't found a way to fix this, nor do I really care to, it's kinda neat, but it's up to you if you want to abuse that flaw.

So Crimson, what do I have to do to get this crown? Simple, get the Aetherial Crown like normal, then gather 5 Grand Soul Gems, 5 Fire Salts, 5 Frost Salts, and 5 Void Salts. Throw those ingredients along with the Aetherial Crown into the SkyForge and you get the Crown of Aetherius. Enjoy!

*UPDATE: v1.01 removes the 2 standing stones ability, leaving just the reduction in magicka cost. Unfortunately I can not figure out why the Standing Stone script isn't working, but is that really a loss? Also, with this mod enabled, even the vanilla Aetherial Crown suffers the same issue, but you'd rather have magicka cost reduction anyway, right?

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