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Skyrim: SilverPerk Enhanced -by Crimson


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This mod changes how the SilverPerk works against undead and adds Vampires to those weak to silver. By default, Skyrim simply adds 20 points of extra damage, which is nice early in the game, but becomes horribly insignificant once the player starts leveling up.

I'm attempting to fix that by changing how this works by multiplying the Weapon damage by 8 times the number of the player's total damage amount. It's kinda difficult for me to explain, so you can see what I changed in the screenshots above.

This is a second attempt, the first not being released to the public, at balancing this, so post your comments if you experience issues. I did not test this with vanilla silver swords, but with silver swords from JRC's Sword Pack. However, it shouldn't make vanilla swords too overpowered, if at all seeing as how they have low attack strength anyway. I'm also using Bring Your Silver, which also modifies how undead receive damage, this might be relevant. Although I'm using those two mods, they shouldn't be required. Enjoy!

Download from Nexus Mods

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