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Skyrim: Shiny True Master Swords for Relics of Hyrule -by Crimson


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I finally got back to editing these textures, and managed to finish the ALTTP version, (the blue version still needs work), and I messed around with the Triforce insignia to work with the mesh so that it doesn't get distorted. I also added the Phoenix under the Triforce just because. Enjoy!

Oh, and I lowered the size of the textures from 4k to 2k for performance reasons, and that 4k is a bit excessive IMO.


I always found it disappointing that you had to go through all that work to obtain the True Master Sword only to have a dull blade that looked no better than the Sleeping Master Sword, so I fixed it....

As is right now, I've only really modified the Blade and I'm releasing by what I'm calling a "Pre-Release" because there's still a lot I'd like to do to the swords, but as it is now I'm happy with. The Triforce emblem on the sword is upside down because of a fault in the Swords model, nothing I can do about that at this time. Other than that, the rest of the texture is pretty much the way it came for Relics of Hyrule.

I got the idea of using cube maps from cnyylzy123456789 and their Fudou Myouou Katana and Tachi mod. The only thing I mimicked from that mod was the mesh settings for lighting and also as a references. The cube map I used is from Humus? http://www.humus.name/index.php?page=Textures&ID=78

Original work was done by Chief-01, Relics of Hyrule by JKalenad

Download from Nexus Mods