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Really loving Linux today...


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...seriously. The new Windows 10 v2004 update is even more forceful with their MS Account garbage. Although I will admit, data backup is a major problem with 99% of people (not a made up figure, seriously, back up your #@$%& data and stop blaming the technician for your lack of responsibility!), and having an MS Account is a great practice for most of these cretins. I still have to say that MS is going WAY too far with their push for MS Accounts. If people don't want it the first time, STOP pushing them into a corner with your continued harassment and unsolicited "advertisements"! *Stop ranting Crimson, this is supposed to be why we love Linux.

I'm so proud and happy to be off the Microsoft bandwagon. Linux doesn't nag us about creating accounts we don't need. Linux doesn't force updates we don't want. Linux gives us control. Linux gives us freedom. Linux gives us choice. Linux doesn't even force us to pay for these liberties. If you've found your distro of choice, consider throwing some coin their way. Those boys work hard for what we sometimes take for granted and they deserve more than what MS TAKES away from people.

I was so furious today while loading up new Windows systems. Whenever you perform a fresh copy of Windows, there's a "Cortana Special" that greats you every time a PC boots Windows after install. "Hey there, I'm Cortana, and I'm here to help." has been pounded into my head so bad I hear that thing in my sleep. Since before the v2004 update, there have been ways to get around the "Would you like to setup a MS account" phase. Now they're all gone! The ONLY way left is to be sure you're not connected to the internet. Even after that, as soon as you connect your local account to the internet, that demon child pops back up from no where and harasses you to switch. Wow! Just.....WOW! Let me do my job please! Jeeze! *Dang it Crimson, you're ranting again!

*SIGH. Anyway, I'm so happy that Linux exists. It's a literal breath of fresh air from the constant bombardment MS calls an operating system. Live Long Linux!

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