Skyrim SE: Ragnarok Ring and Amulet -by Crimson

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Skyrim SE: Ragnarok Ring and Amulet -by Crimson

Between the Ring and the Amulet, the enhancements are as follows:

Fortify Resist Damage 1000%
Fortify Resist Magic Damage 1000%
Fortify Resist Poison 1000%
Fortify Resist Disease 1000%

Fortify Shout Recovery 1000%
Fortify Smithing 1000%
Fortify Carry Weight 5000
Fortify Waterbreathing 1000%

This mod also fixes the way Shout fortification is interpreted to the player. (The magic effect will no longer always say "Shouts reduced by 20%", even though the real percentage may be different.)

The Rings and Amulets can be made at any forge with Gold Ingots, Flawless Diamonds, and Filled Grand Soul Gems under the Jewelry category.
...or you know, you could console command them into existence with (help "Ragnarok") and (player.additem xxxxxxxx y) x=item id number and y=value/quantity


Download from Nexus Mods
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